Study Race and Resistance at SF State

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April 17, 2023
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Photo Credit: Department of Race and Resistance Studies

Open University

Embrace the history of resistance and intersectionality at SF State — take Race and Resistance Studies online courses this summer. Open University welcomes the community to take space-available classes without formal admission to SF State.

Race and Resistance Studies

Part of the College of Ethnic Studies, born from the historic 1968 Black Student Union/Third World Liberation Front Student Strike, Race and Resistance Studies prepares students to think critically, nurture a social consciousness, actively engage with and respond to community needs and develop leadership skills, while deepening a foundation of knowledge related to the multiple histories and cultures of communities of color within and outside the United States. To do so, Race and Resistance Studies utilizes an approach that is comparative/relational, interdisciplinary, intersectional and centered in a praxis of resistance.

Summer Online Classes

Open University makes Race and Resistance Studies (RRS) courses available to the community. These summer courses are all offered online:

  • RRS 110 Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience
  • RRS 276 Race, Activism and Climate Justice
  • RRS 290 Sounds of Resistance: Race, Rhythm, Rhyme and Revolution
  • RRS 303 Health and Wellness among Pacific Islanders
  • RRS 304 [01] / RRS 304 [02] Decolonize Your Diet: Food Justice and Gendered Labor in Communities of Color
  • RRS 410 Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color
  • RRS 571 Women, Class and Race

See Open University class schedule to find your classes.


Summer registration opens April 18, 2023. Find instructions on the Open University > How to Register - Summer 2023 page.

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  • AIS - American Indian Studies
  • AA S - Asian American Studies
  • LTNS - Latina/Latino Studies

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