Grades and Transcripts

Students receive letter grades (A - F) for academic credit courses unless the course is audited or taken for credit/no credit CR/NC. Some academic courses are available for letter grade only, others for CR/NC only. In a course where CR/NC grading is optional, students must indicate the desire to be graded on a CR/NC basis on the SF State Gateway website. This must be done by the deadline published in Calendar and DeadlinesStudents may not change from letter-graded to CR/NC status or vice versa after the deadline.

CEU courses are graded on a credit/no credit basis and appear on SF State transcripts when students earn a grade of credit. Grade reports and transcripts are not available for noncredit courses. Grade availability dates are listed in Calendar and Deadlines. Grades are available online through the SF State Gateway.

Students wishing to audit a course must register and pay the same fees as students enrolled for credit. An auditor may be required by the instructor to participate in any or all classroom activities. Auditors may not obtain credit by examination for audited classes or repeat audited classes for credit at a later date.

To request an audit status, students should complete an audit request form, obtain instructor's signature, and submit the form to the College of Professional & Global Education by the deadline published in Calendar and Deadlines.

Students may not change from audit to credit status after the second week of instruction. Only students enrolled in academic credit courses can audit a class.

At the initiation of the student or the instructor, an incomplete grade (I) may be assigned by the instructor when the student is unable to complete the course requirements within the official period of the course. An incomplete must be made up within one calendar year from the end of the course or the grade of "I" will be automatically changed to a failing grade for academic unit courses. For CEU courses, if an incomplete is not made up within one year, the course is deleted from the student's record.

Official transcripts are available from the SF State Registrar. Transcript availability dates are listed in Calendar and Deadlines. Check the Registrar's Office Transcripts page, for instructions on how to request a transcript. The fee for transcripts is $8 per copy. If the transcript is to show the results of the current semester's work, the request should specify "Hold for Grades."

Unofficial transcripts and grades are available online by accessing student’s SF State Gateway account after the semester ends.

Students may withdraw from courses that earn academic credit (units) after the Drop Deadline and receive grades of "W" by following the guidelines on the Registrar's Office Dropping and Withdrawing page. Do not put a stop payment on a check or credit card charge to drop or withdraw from a course. This results in a financial obligation to SF State for the course fee, plus an additional $20 charge. Failure to withdraw officially from a course generates a failing grade of "F" or "WU." If you do not see the option in your Student Center to submit a withdrawal request and/or you are enrolled in one of the classes below, please fill out the Withdrawal Petition and email the completed form to

Classes Excluded from Student Center Withdrawal Process

Please use Withdrawal Petition form.

Fall 2023

Fall 2023 classes excluded from the standard withdrawal procedure
Class Number Subject Catalog Section
10585 A U 110 03Z
10586 A U 110 04Z
10602 A U 110 05Z
10603 A U 110 06Z
10618 A U 110 07Z
10619 A U 110 08Z
10626 C J 200 01Z
10627 C J 230 01Z
10628 C J 300 01Z
10625 C J 420 01Z
10622 C J 450 01Z
10624 C J 490 01Z
10623 C J 515 01Z
10560 COMM 150 01Z
10630 COUN 325 01Z
10630 COUN 325 01Z
10559 MATH 124 01Z
10643 PSY 200 01Z
10644 PSY 303 01Z
10647 PSY 330 01Z
10648 PSY 371 01Z
10646 PSY 463 01Z
10629 RRS 571 01Z

Summer 2023

Summer 2023 classes excluded from the standard withdrawal procedure
Class Number Subject Catalog Section
1916 ASTR 216 01Z
1917 BIOL 315 01Z
1918 BIOL 315 02Z
1919 BIOL 315 03Z
1920 BIOL 315 04Z
1921 BIOL 315 05Z
1922 WGS 105 01Z
1932 LS 699 01Z
1932 LS 699 01Z
2007 ENGR 694 01Z
2059 CAD 500GW 2Z
2061 ECON 301 01Z
2062 ECON 302 01Z
2063 ECON 312 01Z
2064 ENG 201 01Z
2065 ENG 202 01Z
2066 ENG 210 01Z
2074 ECON 312 02Z
2075 ETHS 110 02Z
2075 ETHS 110 02Z
2082 A U 110 01Z
2127 PSY 300 1Z
2157 FCS 481 1Z
2158 PH 414 4Z
2159 MKTG 633 2Z
2160 PSY 455 1Z
2160 PSY 455 1Z
2160 PSY 455 1Z
2161 PSY 558 1Z
2161 PSY 558 1Z
2161 PSY 558 1Z
2162 PSY 559 1Z
2162 PSY 559 1Z
2162 PSY 559 1Z

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