Study Abroad

Short-Term Study Abroad programs provide students with the opportunity to study and explore different cultures around the world. The Center for Global Engagement offers Faculty-Led Study Abroad and Partner University Study Abroad. Through these programs, SF State seeks to cultivate a diverse global community and global partnerships.

Faculty-Led Study Abroad

A bustling street in Mexico at night

SF State Students

Through Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs, students can experience studying abroad with other SF State students while earning SF State credit over the summer, through programs designed and taught by SF State professors.

Person on a cliff above Capetown, with a view of the city and the water

SF State Faculty

Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs also provide an opportunity for SF State faculty to expand their field of knowledge, gain international teaching experience, and reconnect/establish ties with overseas colleagues while helping to build a more international curriculum by leading a cohort of students overseas and teaching an SF State course relevant to the country of stay.

Partner University Study Abroad

Aerial view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower

Study at a Partner University

Add an international dimension to your education and your outlook. Students who study abroad acquire international skills and global understanding. Live abroad and see the world in a whole new way by studying at a partner university, becoming part of the community and learning a new culture.

SF State Abroad

The Office of International Programs also facilitates study abroad opportunities for degree-seeking students taking regular state-side courses. To learn more these opportunities, please visit SF State Abroad.

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