International Student Beach Cleanup

Author: CampusMemo
August 14, 2023
International student cleanup volunteers on a foggy beach with the Golden Gate  Bridge behind them in the distance
Photo Credit: Staff

On July 23, 15 College of Professional and Global Education (CPaGE) students from various programs and nationalities attended a volunteer cleanup at Baker Beach with their program advisor and a visiting faculty member from Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya University in India.

The students were enthusiastic about participating in this service activity alongside local SF State residents. The local group organizers provided materials such as trash bags, gloves and trash pickers. The group spent about an hour and a half combing the beach for refuse and managed to fill up a full bag for each person in attendance. The heavy fog of July in San Francisco kept the weather cool, but the students could still catch a glimpse of the lower half of the Golden Gate Bridge. The cleanup organizers commented that they had never before had a group of this size with so many dedicated volunteers.

CPaGE strives to provide international students with experiential and service learning opportunities to complement their classroom learning. CPaGE is planning to organize beach cleanups on a regular basis and welcomes any campus community members to join.

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