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January 4, 2024
GIS courses
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GIS Certificate Courses Now Fully Online

Starting in spring 2024, Geographic Information Systems courses will take place 100% online, with live meetings and support with the instructor and other attendees. Each class is held on Friday and Saturday and both days must be attended to complete the course. The GIS certificate program is designed to be completed in less than one year and affords the opportunity to finish in one semester (three months). To guarantee a space in a class, please register early.

The following GIS online courses are starting in February:

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS): February 9 & 10
    This course is an introduction to the concepts and uses of GIS. Lecture topics include history of GIS, GIS data structures and sources of data, GIS tools, vendors and software, applications, and resources. Exercises include spatial data display and query, map generation, and simple spatial analysis using ArcGIS software. Class format is approximately 50% lecture and 50% lab exercise.
  • Database Design & Management for GIS: February 16 & 17
    This course focuses on the planning, construction, and administration of a GIS database including spatial and attribute data. The lecture provides a conceptual background, as well as practical guidelines, and is reinforced with exercises using both ESRI software and traditional database design techniques. Topics include data requirements analysis; relational database design; attribute and entity definitions; table normalization; table creation and population; query optimization; and data integration. Class format: approximately 50% lecture, 50% software application.
  • Working with GIS Data: February 23 & 24
    This course explores various methods of capturing data for use in GIS, including digitizing from maps, digital photos, and satellite imagery; locating and reformatting existing digital data, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), scanning, image classification and address matching. Topics will include methods of attributing and concepts of data conversion, georeferencing, projections, and coordinate systems. Class format: approximately 50% lecture, 50% software applications.

Find the GIS Class Schedule and How to Register for GIS Courses.

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