SNFC Videos

Tree Portraits with Laurie Wigham

Laurie teaches us how to paint the tree using sticks as brushes and using inks. This is a two hour class and virtual walk to the old Juniper Tree on the Frazier Falls trail. The class was a funraiser for the Friends of SNFC. You can still donate on the Friends of SNFC website!

Intro to the Spring Fungi of the Sierra with Dr. Brian Perry

An introduction to Dr. Brian Perry's Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada, held at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus each spring. Learn all about the fascinating Spring fungi and what to expect in your week of study in the field and in the lab.

Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada with Tanya Baxter

Learn more about this class offered at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, for college credit. Tanya focuses on the penstemons of the area, interactions with insects and why.

Flora & Fungi at Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Enjoy two mini-classes on fungi and the flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada.


Inspirations of Place, featuring artist Andie Thrams and writer Sarah Rabkin

Join us in a tour of Andie Thrams various studios throughout the forests of the West. Good friend, writer Sarah Rabkin joins in conversation about the inspirations of San Francisco State University's Sierra Nevada Field Campus. Hosted by the Friends of SNFC.

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