Sierra Nevada Field Campus - Register Now for Summer

Author: Staff
February 6, 2023
Watercolor painting of a cabin in the trees
Photo Credit: Staff

Go offline this summer. Study in the Tahoe National Forest at SF State’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus (SNFC). Summer classes are now up and available for registration.

Summer Classes at SNFC

  • ASTR 216: Practical Observational Astronomy in the Sierra Nevada
  • BIOL 315: Butterflies and Moths of the Sierra Nevada
  • BIOL 315: Ecology and Conservation of California Bats
  • BIOL 315: Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada
  • BIOL 315: Fungi of the Sierra Nevada
  • BIOL 315: Insect Biology and Identification
  • WGS 105: Feminism and Self-Care: Perspectives and Practices

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Find out more about SNFC summer classes and how you can study in the beauty of nature this summer.


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