Summer Class on Climate Issues and Activism in the Sierras

Author: Staff
March 28, 2024
"There is no Planet B" protest sign, with an orange sky
Photo Credit: Sierra Nevada Field Campus

LS 699 Special Study: Climate Issues and Activism
June 24, 2024 - July 12, 2024

What can you do to be a part of positive change for our planet? This summer you can enroll in a class to become more informed and active, locally and globally. LS 699 is an intensive course and takes place at two locations: the San Francisco State University campus and the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, located in the Tahoe National Forest.

Course Description

This course unites diverse areas of study through multidisciplinary learning that bridges gaps between science, design and activism. Students will learn about environmental issues and will create a way of confronting an issue through creative practice. The goal is to support the development of student relationships with their world and to locate themselves as individuals in terms of their values when faced with difficult situations such as the climate crisis. Students will be taught about the climate crisis and environmental issues specific to California. They will be introduced to activism and change makers, and they will develop a climate campaign to either inform, or to encourage action in others that is based on what they have learned and the research they conduct.

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