New Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Climate Justice Education

Author: Staff
April 16, 2024
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Start in Summer

Are you an educator who wants to include climate justice topics as part of your curriculum? We are pleased to announce a new program designed for you: the Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Climate Justice Education, offered in collaboration with the Graduate College of Education's Department of Elementary Education.

About the Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Climate Justice Education is designed to encourage systemic change toward climate education across grade spans and curricular areas. The program will intentionally recruit and serve cohorts of educators from PK through grade 12, representing the full range of subject areas. The program uses a multidisciplinary approach that foregrounds issues of climate justice in students’ and teachers’ communities and helps ground climate education within a “pedagogy of hope.”

In this one-year program, you will learn to:

  • Develop core scientific knowledge of the causes and impacts of climate change as relevant to PK-12 educational contexts.
  • Critically examine the ecological, social, and economic impacts of climate change on communities educators serve.
  • Develop culturally responsive, developmentally sensitive practices to engage PK-12 students in learning about the causes, impacts, and justice-based responses to climate change.

Apply Today

Apply by June 1 to start in summer. Bay Area educators are invited to apply for an application fee waiver.


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