What to Bring

School Records

All students interested in applying to any U.S. university must turn in complete, official high school, college, or university transcripts.

Undergraduate Students

  1. If you sent us your diploma and transcripts with your ALI application, but the diploma or grade report was printed before your graduation date, you will have to ask your school for another diploma and transcript that was printed after your graduation date.
  2. If you have attended some university classes, you also need to bring your most current official university or college transcript.
  3. Official English translation of your diploma and transcript. (If your school does not print your transcripts in English for you.)

Graduate Students

  1. Two official university transcripts that include your diploma, graduation certificate and a record of all courses you completed and grades in sealed envelopes. An official English translation of transcripts if the original is not in English.
  2. Please check the SF State Graduate Programs website for other requirements and deadlines for admission to your major.

Medical Records

Bring medical records showing your immunizations for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).