How to Apply to SF State

Apply through the ALI

  • You must receive conditional eligibility, which means your academic records (transcripts) have been evaluated and you have met the minimum requirements to apply to SF State University. You can request a “Letter of Conditional Eligibility” from SF State University when you apply to the ALI, or after you arrive at the ALI, with the Conditional Eligibility Service form below. A “Letter of Conditional Eligibility” is not a guarantee of admission to SF State.


  • You must meet ALI level and placement test requirements.
  • You are able to apply after the published deadlines during your semester of study at the ALI.
  • You can be admitted to SF State undergraduate, non-impacted programs with either ALI TOEFL Waiver.

Apply Independently

  • You must apply to your program by the published deadlines.
  • You must meet all published English language requirements (no TOEFL Waiver).

When to Apply

  • You can apply to your SF State program during the published application periods. (See links below.) However, if you have a lower English level, you may want to wait until after you begin studying at the ALI to apply to SF State.
  • If you are eligible to apply through the ALI, you will receive help with applying after you begin studying at the ALI.
  • For impacted SF State programs, you may have to apply before you arrive at the ALI.

For more information about SF State applications, see the following SF State web pages:

Note: ALI cannot guarantee SF State graduate or undergraduate deadlines, requirements and admission. These deadlines and requirements could change and affect an ALI student's eligibility to apply to SF State.


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